Single person pickets in support of Savchenko has taken place in Crimea

Free Savchenko

In Crimea the activists of the Ukrainian Cultural Center held a number of single person pickets in support of the citizen of Ukraine Nadezda Savchenko judged in Russia.

The activists stood with broadsheets “Free Savchenko” in different places of Simferopol as well as they pasted up on poles the paper sheets with calls to free Savchenko. The photos of the action were posted on social networks.

The pickets took place all over the world in support of Savchenko.

Savchenko pronounce the final speech at trail in Russia on March 9. The court verdict announcement is scheduled on March 21.

In Russia they charge Nadezda Savchenko with murder of two reporters of the Russian television in 2014, which had illegally been in Ukraine among the armed pro-Russian separatists, as well as with assault to murder of a separatist group and illegally crossing the Russian border. The Russian prosecutors sue for 23 years of imprisonment for the Ukrainian. Savchenko and her defense rejected the charges and provided numerous evidences that the separatists had already captured her and then forcibly moved to Russia before the death of the Russian journalists.

But the Court did not take into account the evidences of Savchenko’s purity from the crime charged.

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