Show-off in Sevastopol: “Governor” opens a fake operating room

the operating room

Recently, the “Governor” of Sevastopol Serhiy Menyailo and the City Health Department Chief Yuri Voskanyan solemnly opened a new surgical block in the 5-th Children’s Corps of the city hospital.

As it turned out, the equipment to show the reporters was collected from all the medical institutions of the city and brought back after the event.

“On the orders of the Chief Physician new equipment was urgently collected from wherever it possible in the hospital. And after the ceremonial opening all the equipment was returned to the former places at 12:00 p.m. Operations are still performed in the old operating room,” writes a Sevastopol media “Primechsniya” (“Notes”).

“We got what we could … Something from the first city hospital, something from the maternity hospital. Then everything was driven back. And the new operating room is closed,” said a doctor of the 5-th hospital.

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