Sevastopol accepted that “the cultural intervention” had helped Russia to capture Crimea


The Russian Federation investment in education and culture of Sevastopol had a significant role in the annexation of Crimea.

This was said by the Deputy of the City Parliament of Sevastopol, the Chairman of the Parliament Committee on Social and Humanitarian Affairs Tatiana Scherbakova.

“Unfortunately the multi-billion dollar investments into the economy of the neighboring country, hoping the loyalty of elites, had not produced results. The investments in education and culture turned out to be much more effective. The subject of “Sevastopology” in classes, working with teams of various cultural institutions, academic humanitarian forums in Sevastopol, had probably formed that mentality, which eventually led to the result that we have. Cultural activities, study of the Russian language, literature, history, all this helped to maintain spiritual and moral foundations of the “Russian World,” the press service of the Sevastopol Parliament cites Scherbakova.

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