Serbian radicals intend to visit Crimea on the anniversary of annexation


MPs from the Serbian Radical Party (SRP) lead by Voјislav Šešelj have plans to visit Crimea on March 19-21.

That was reported by Chairman of the Belgrade branch of the Party Millán Damjanović.
“Professor Milovan Bojić, Dubravko Bojić and Member of the SRP’s Chair Board Aleksandar Šešelj will represent the Serbian Radical Party in Crimea,” said Damjanović.
According to him, the programme of visit and working meetings is at the approval stage. Representatives of other States’ parliaments may enter the delegation along with the representatives of the Serbian Parliament.

The visit is arranged to coincide with the anniversary of the Russian annexation of Crimea.

Aleksandar Šešelj is Serb radicals’ leader Voјislav Šešelj’s son, who a year ago was acquitted by the International Criminal Tribunal of the charge of war crimes of the 90-ies during the conflicts in the former Yugoslavia.

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