Senator: Kyiv fears the possible recognition of the annexation of Crimea by the United States


American Republican Senator Lindsey Graham, who visited Ukraine at the end of December last year, believes that Kyiv is badly frightened by the looking forward improvement of relations between Washington and Moscow.

This was said by the Senator in an interview to NBC journalists.

Graham said speaking of the mood in Ukraine: “Here is my opinion on the situation. They are extremely concerned. They are frightened. They are worried about the publication on Kissinger (former United States Secretary of State — ed.), about the possible plans to roll Crimea over for Russia, if it will stop moving in other directions. “

Citing sources in future American President Donald Trump’s team and the information of European secret services the German Bild reported at the end of December last year that Henry Kissinger “should mediate between Moscow and Washington” because “Trump sought openings to the Kremlin”.

As the article mentioned, the main idea of Kissinger to resolve the situation in Ukraine was that Russia should guarantee security in the East of Ukraine and the West will not affect, in response, the question of Crimea.

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