Secretary of the Crimean “speaker” was appointed Minister

Elizabeth Kozhycheva Elizabeth Kozhycheva

30-year-old Elizabeth Kozhycheva having no professional education or management experience was appointed Minister of Sports of Crimea.

Kozhycheva made a dizzying career. She left her workplace of an office assistant for the First Deputy Minister and became Minister two months later.

Commenting on this appointment, the Crimean “Speaker” Vladimir Konstantinov said: “The Ministry has long been without a leader, and now we perceive the Kozhycheva’s appointment to the post of Minister as a big advance for her. She has a big hunger for work. There is a lot of it bearing in mind the today’s level of development of sports in Crimea. There is some funding and we should provide assistance”.Note that all Kozhycheva’s labour activities are closely related to Konstantinov. She worked as an economist in the Ukrrosbud Corporation and the Console Company (both firms are owned by the family of Konstantinov) in 2008-2010. In 2010-2014 she was Chief specialist of the Service of the Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada of the ARC (i.e., Konstantinov’s), then Secretary to the Chairman of the “State Council” of Crimea (also Konstantinov’s) and Deputy Minister of Sports.

Аs previously reported, a Russian corrupt official quits as Minister of Crimea.


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