Savchenko: it was necessary to defend Crimea to avoid war in Donbass

Nadiya Savchenko Nadiya Savchenko

Ukraine should use military forces during the annexation of Crimea by Russia. Ukrainian aviatress Nadezhda Savchenko gave this opinion in an interview for Radio Liberty.

“We should to defend Crimea to avoid the war in Donbass. Many people do not share this opinion. The army must conduct warfare; despite of it is small and weakened. Our army was able to keep the field in Crimea,” said Savchenko.

If Russia began to offense, the world would immediately understand the aggression. Then the situation would be entirely different and we would have the other level of protection and support. But there was no government and nobody could come to a right decision,” she added.

According to her, “the enemy must leave Ukrainian and Ukraine must be free, self-sufficient and unitary state, including Crimea and Donbass”.

Answering the question about whether President Putin is her enemy, Savchenko said: “I do not know him personally. Putin is the enemy of Ukraine. So, he is my enemy too “.

Also Savchenko believes that Russians and Ukrainians will never be fraternal peoples any more after the RF aggression.


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  1. She’s wrong, declassified Ukrainian GOVT. documents show both USA- Germany urged Ukraine NOT to interviene when russia annexed Crimea.
    Much worse data from same dates, showed USA withdrew all its warships Black Sea before and after annexation, which could have been used as deterrent to keep Russia at bay and block Crimea (together with Ukraine navy, which should have at first sight have moved their vessels out of Crimea)
    At the time Ukraine army was a mere 5000.

    What Ukraine should have done was when “separatist” appeared, to guard/block east-Ukraine border and mop those separatists up, which last they did but they did not contain them.
    One error I blame Poroshenko/Ukraine generals for was to mop those russian proxies from Donetsk so they only could take portion of Luhansk.

    Its know for most of goods Crimea is dependent of Ukraine, so a blockade and presence USA navy would have made annexation go void.
    USA IMHO KNEW of coming annexation and choose to sneak away from Black Sea, by that violating Budapest Memorandum.

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