Russophil Trump has been invited to Crimea

Donald Trump Donald Trump

“First Vice Premier” of Crimea Mikhail Sheremet has invited the United States presidential candidate from the Republican Party Donald Trump to visit the peninsula.

“There is a proverb that it is better to see once than to hear many times. There are a lot of wrenches about Crimea in the West. We are glad to see absolutely all the friends who come to relax and see that we live in a world of well-being and prosperity,” said Sheremet.

However, he clarified that it was not worth taking Trump’s intentions seriously, because he was a presidential candidate only. “We would like to hear a statement of President Trump. And so far this is the only election slogans, but we place reliance in good sense,” added Sheremet.

The day before Trump said that he was ready to consider the recognition of Crimea part of Russia and the issue of lifting sanctions in case of his election as President.


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