Russians fired a Ukrainian airplane over the Black Sea

Black Sea shelf

A transport airplane of the Naval Forces of Ukraine An-26 was shot over the Odessa gas deposits in the territorial waters of Ukraine in the Black Sea on February 1.

“The aircraft was fired with small arms from a well rig captured by the Russian Federation during the annexation of Crimea,” reported the Ukrainian Navy’s Headquarters.

The aircraft sustained hull damages and the crew was not injured.

A small anti-submarine ship of the Russian Black Sea Fleet was near the captured rig too.

The information about the incident was confirmed by Ukrainian Minister of Defense Stepan Poltorak.

The Military Prosecutor’s Office of Ukraine has started criminal proceedings on the fact of the firing. The Press-Service of the Prosecutor’s Office reported that the case was classified as an assault to murder two or more persons under aggravating circumstances.

“A visual inspection of the aircraft revealed a three cm bullet hole, which proves the use of small arms,” said the statement.

The Russian Black Sea Fleet’s headquarters negate the information on the shoot-up of the Ukrainian airplane.

According to the version of the Russian militaries, a Ukrainian An-26 allegedly made “two obvious and provocative strike runs at an extremely low altitude over Russian oil rigs Tavrida and Crimea-1 in the Black Sea”.

While the second run a guard of the rigs gave four light signals with a signal pistol to prevent the aircraft’s collision with the mast.

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