Russians are more proud of the Crimean annexation than of space exploration

The results of a survey held by Levada-Centre say that Russia’s residents are more proud of the annexation of Crimea than of the achievements in space exploration.

The victory in the Second World War kept the lead in the rating of pride in January 2017. 83% of respondents gave such an option, among others.

The second place was taken by the annexed Crimea. This item was first included in the survey of 2017 and it immediately won 43% of respondents’ votes.

As a result space exploration fell to the third place with 42% (60% of respondents voted for in 1999).

Russian literature, turning the country into an industrial power during the Soviet era, achievements of Russian Science and victories of Russian arms follow in the rating.

“We are a great nation and live in a rich country, but in eternal poverty and misery” causes Russians first to feel shame. The collapse of the Soviet Union is the second and rudeness and boorishness are the third.

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