Russian students are sent at a rally dedicated to the annexation of Crimea

Administration of one of the Moscow institutes concusses students to “rejoice” the anniversary of annexation of Crimea and to take part in rallies planned by the Kremlin.

Student of the Moscow Technical University Michael Kaverin has published in Twitter screenshots of his curator’s messages with insistent calls to attend a rally-concert in honor of the annexation of the peninsula.

According to the curator the event can be skipped “for a valid reason” only.

“Whipping students in at the rally “Crimea is ours” by officially excusing them from attending classes or lectures is failure and dishonor,” wrote the student.

As previously reported, the Moscow State University had plans to hold a concert dedicated to the “accession” of Crimea to Russia, but now the event is questionable due to some students protest against any political events to be held at the University.

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