Russian security officials root out “saboteurs” in archives of Crimean military commissariats

Military commissariats in the annexed Crimea are armed with a database of about 10 thousand personal files of the Ukrainian militaries serviced in the peninsula. It is the database used by Russian security officials to find new “saboteurs”.

This was announced by Speaker of the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense Andriy Lysenko.

“The Russian FSB has once again fallen back on another provocation. In fact it steer a very easy course using a database, now stored on the territory of Crimea. It is about personal files of former servicemen now not related to the armed forces of Ukraine or the Russian Black Sea fleet,” said Lysenko.

According to the speaker, all the people, whose data is contained in the database, are already retired or reserved veterans. However, Lysenko believes that those, whose names are in the database, run risks. The speaker is confident that the FSB will use the information from the database to fabricate new case against alleged “Ukrainian saboteurs”.

It was earlier reported that former military of the Black Sea Fleet Leonid Parkhomenko had been arrested in Sevastopol. According to the FSB of Russia, he has been spying in favor of Ukraine and has allegedly passed the national security information about the Black Sea Fleet of Russia.

As it was reported in August, the FSB declared prevention of terrorist acts in Crimea, allegedly prepared by the Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine. Then the FSB said that supposedly “an intelligence network of the Defense Intelligence of Ukraine had been scrapped” and intelligence officer Evgeny Panov had been detained on the territory of Crimea.

Another one detainee, allegedly “spying” for Ukraine, was builder from Evpatoria Andrey Zahtej, whose name was announced later.

On November 10, Russia’s FSB stated about detention of a “subversive and terrorist group” of the Defense Intelligence of Ukraine in Sevastopol. The detainees were former employees of the Nomos analytical center Dmitry Shtyblikov and Aleksey Bessarabov as well as retired military Vladimir Dudka.

Aleksey Stogniy and Gleb Shabliy from Sebastopol were detained on the same charges on November 15.

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