Russian schoolkids made a theatrical production about Alaska to be next “put back” after Crimea

annexation of crimea

Students of one of the schools in Chelyabinsk (Russia) proposed to “put back” Alaska after Crimea in a theatrical performance.

The children acted out a scene that began with a story of a Japanese Sensei about a country, which bordered with Japan and “which had everything, but had nothing”. He says that people have bathe in cold, eat sushi with bread and wear sandals with socks when it’s hot in this country. Also the Sensei says that the country took in its hands the Kuril Islands even after been defeated in the Russo-Japanese war. Then his disciples jump and yell that the Kurils must be got back.

“But who will let you to?” With this phrase a boy in a mask of the Russian President Vladimir Putin appears on the stage.

Imitating the manner of the President, the boy says that Alaska will be next “put back’ after Crimea.

“And I don’t want to hear anything about the Kurils anymore!” he concludes, referring to the rest on the stage.

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