Russian sailors damaged the new frigate, which arrived in Sevastopol

Russian frigate

Red welcome reception of the new Russian frigate «Admiral Grigorovich» arrived to the place of permanent basing in Sevastopol (Crimea) was overshadowed by an incident. While trying to moor the frigate picked a hole in the shell plating.

According to eyewitness, the ship bumped into an acute angle while mooring. Only the second attempt was successful for the Russian sailors to tie up the ship at the quay of Sevastopol.

The frigate cost the Russians $ 500 million and became operational in the Black Sea Fleet on June 9.

According to Russian media, this is the first guided-missile frigate built for the Black Sea Fleet needs in last 35 years.

“Admiral Grigorovich” is the lead guard ship of long-distance sea area, project 11356. The guard ships of this project have a displacement of 4 thousand tons, 30 knots of speed and 30 days of endurance.

The ship weaponry consists of “Kaliber-NK” cruise missiles, a “Shtil-1” missile system, an A-190 100 mm artillery installation, anti-aircraft artillery, a rocket bomb installation, torpedoes and can carry a Ka-27 (or Ka-31) helicopter.

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