Russian publicist: a war will begin if Crimea is returned to Ukraine


Russian publicist Viktor Shenderovich has commented on the promise of oppositional politician Alexei Navalny to hold a “fair referendum” in the annexed Crimea in case of his victory in the presidential elections of Russia.

“Of course, Navalny is a man with obvious imperial ambitions but it does not cancel his radical differences from Putin. We must not sink into delusions about the political figure of Navalny. We must face the reality. As for Crimea, there will surely be a zero option no longer. And this is clear. If I were on their place and doomed to such an enormous responsibility, I would not risk to simply bringing back the stolen thing. Because we are responsible for what we have tamed,” said Shenderovich.

According to him, “it will de facto mean a tomorrow’s civil war if Crimea is returned to Ukraine with a wave of a magic wand and without any international guarantees.”

“We just need to be aware of this. Russia bears full responsibility for the people who were get into this jam. From my point of view, the stolen thing must be placed back. At the same time, it is impossible to throw millions of people under the bus. We know well, by the Yugoslav and other analogs, what happens in this case. I think that Crimea must be returned through some international procedures,” he concluded.

As a reminder, Russian opposition politician Alexei Navalny, who has announced his intention to run for Russia’s Presidency, believes that another one referendum must be held in order to solve the Crimean issue.

2 Comments on Russian publicist: a war will begin if Crimea is returned to Ukraine

  1. When liberated from Muscovy-RF, Crimea will be returned to Crimean Tartars, under protection of Ukraine-Rus, the descendants of Kyvian-Rus.
    After 1944 imported Muscovites will be re-imported to Muscovy-RF.

  2. Peter Vukovic // January 1, 2017 at 01:52 // Reply

    Keep dreaming. That will never happen.

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