Russian politician: Putin took Crimea because he was sure that the United States would not respond the challenge

annexation of crimea

A Russian opposition politician, the head of the Western choice political party Konstantin Borovoy believes that Russian President Vladimir Putin decided to annex Crimea because he was sure that the United States would not respond. Borovoy writes about this in his article for the Apostrophe website.

“It is clear that Putin would not capture the Crimea, if he was not quite confident, that the United States would not respond. By the way, there was no such confidence in the case of Georgia. The indirect indicators show that it was clear to Moscow with the Crimean situation. So Putin could do anything,” he said.

The politician reminded that when the Russians carried out the military operation to seize Crimea, the United States intelligence had stated that “there were no signs of illegal actions”. Then there was a scandal, the intelligence experts began to speak, that they were demanded not an objective information but a “necessary” one. And that when they did not give the “ordered” information, they had problems,” he added.

“It happens so because nowadays the European and the American authorities are penetrated by the chekists’ intelligence networks. And so they can do whatever they want, including with Ukraine. Only they will stop when they are short of money,” concluded Borovoy.

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