Russian paratrooper, allegedly killed in Crimea, was actually fighting in Donbass

Semen Sychev Semen Sychev

Russian paratrooper Semen Sychev called a victim of the alleged “sabotage” in Crimea had apparently fought in Donbass.

According to media reports, on August 1, 2014 Sychev posted his photo in the Internet with a geo-tagging near the hamlet of Golovinka in the Rostov region of Russia, at the distance up to 50 km from the Ukrainian border.

The next photograph was taken to the north from Golovinka near the hamlet of Chkalov, which is near the border too. From there, the Russian troops came to Ukraine in the summer of 2015, helping the rebels to trap the Ukrainian troops.

On another one photo uploaded on February 19, 2015 (then there were tough battles near Debalcevo), Sychev was in battle dress uniform without any insignia and a nonregulation “balaclava” on. His companion was photographed next to him in the same uniform with no insignia.

Another curious photo dated April 26, 2015 is in the album of a Sychev’s friend Maxim Maximov. Maximov is one of the fighters of the DPR’s Special Division “Somalia”, last served in the militia and took part in the Euromaidan crackdowns. Semen Sychev was sitting on a bench in the October Park in Rostov-on-Don and resting together with Maximov and an unknown man. Maximov and the unknown man are bandaging injuries (on the previous photo Maximov was lying on the hospital bed after being wounded by grenade). Paratrooper Sychev, apparently, was in the hospital at that time too. He was wearing a t-shirt, sweatpants and flip-flops.

Earlier the Russian media made a point about the name of the paratrooper, who was killed in the shootout with the alleged “Ukrainian sabotage group” in Crimea. This was 21 years old Semen Sychev from the 247th Landing Assault Regiment, deployed in the Stavropol region.

As we have informed, the Federal Security Service (FSB) of Russia said about prevention of terrorist acts in Crimea, allegedly organized by the Intelligence Directorate of the Defense Ministry of Ukraine.

The Ukrainian force authorities consider the statement provocation and an element of the hybrid war against Ukraine.

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