Russian official: Russia has conquered America in the same way as Crimea

Russian official and head of the Novo-Peredelkino Moscow Municipal District Ernest Makarenko has recorded a comic video to congratulate newly elected President of the United States Donald Trump with his victory and said that Russia “took” America as Crimea.

The official has posted the video in his blog.

According to Makarenko, Russia has invaded the United States in the same “bloodless and polite” way as the Crimean peninsula. In addition, he said that he had already congratulated Trump with victory a month ago and he was very glad that “the United States had learned to observe agreements.”

“Mr. Donald, my congratulations! America is ours! Now Moscow is officially the capital of the world!” wrote the official in his blog.

As reported, Republican candidate and billionaire Donald Trump became the winner of the presidential election in the United States.


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