Russian Eurovision participant may not be allowed in Ukraine due to her travel to Crimea


Press-Secretary of the Security Service (SBU) of Ukraine Olena Gitlianska said that the Service would see into a matter of Russian singer Yulia Samoilova’s entry permit.

“The SBU will explore the problem and make an informed decision on her (Samoilova’s — ed.) entry into the territory of Ukraine. Just to be clear, our position will be based exclusively on the provisions of Ukrainian legislation and the interests of national security. The results will be announced later,” said Gitlianska.

Samoilova gave a concert in the annexed Crimea in June 2015. Thus she violated the Ukrainian legislation on the order of visiting the occupied territory.

It was previously reported that Russia had decided on its participant at the Eurovision Song Contest, which will take place in Kyiv this year. Singer with disabilities Yulia Samoilova became the one from Russia.

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