Russian enforcers raided markets in Simferopol


Russian law enforcement officers have made an all-out check of documents and a series of detentions on the urban markets of Simferopol on April 6.

“At 9:00 am they started detaining people again on the markets of Simferopol, apparently by the skin colour, and taking them to the Counter Extremism Center,” said a Crimean lawyer Jean Zapruta.

According to the lawyer, he was not allowed to visit the detainees. “Being a lawyer I have not been allowed there. Moreover, these people may have been fingerprinted, which is itself a violation of the law. Now someone will start talking about terrorism fighting or something, but in my opinion, the fight against terrorism looks different and should be invisible and, moreover, in the framework of the law. But all this looks more like for the sake of appearance and to scare as many people as possible,” he added.

Previously, armed and masked men detained 35 Crimean Tatars in a café at Simferopol. It was later revealed that the detainees were fingerprinted and taken saliva specimens for a DNA analysis, and then released.

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