Russian enforcers broke up a rally in Crimea

Police broke up a rally in Alushta (Crimea)

Police broke up a rally in Alushta (Crimea) against the Central sea-front shopping and recreational facilities building.

According to the local mass media, a citizen action group planned to hold a rally against building the sea-front on the morning of June 4. However, its application was not agreed upon in the city administration. Then the organizers decided to change the format of the event and hold it as a meeting with the Deputy of the City Council Pavel Stepanchenko.

At the appointed time approximately fifty people gathered near the recreational facility site, blocking the view of the sea and closing the passage to it. “The protestants had no sound amplifying equipment and posters which would give police the right to consider the meeting as an unauthorized one. However, once Stepanchenko opened the meeting, police seized and dragged him to a police car. Because the rest of the participants of the action were blocking the detention police had to call in reinforcements”, said eyewitnesses.

After Stepanchenko and another one activist had been pushed into the police car, the indignant citizens encircled and blocked it. Those who defended themselves were got into police cars too. People shouted “Shame on Russia!”

Police unblocked the care in half an hour and it brought the detainees to a police station.

The people began to collect signatures on a petition against the construction. According to the petition initiators, the citizens of Alushta believe corruption of the local authorities the reason of the facilities construction.

The detained City Council Deputy Stepanchenko was released from the Police Department after seven hours in his clothing teared to pieces and with blood stains on his back. According to him, he was beaten and not allowed to call a lawyer.

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