Russian diplomat told how much military forces participated in invasion of Crimea

Annexation of Crimea

In March 2014 Russia urgently shifted 9 thousands of militaries to the territory of Crimea. Russia’s Permanent Representative to the EU Vladimir Chizhov told about this in an interview to Deutsche Welle.

The Russian diplomat added that at the time of the beginning of the occupation of Crimea there already were about 16 thousand of the RF militaries on the territory of the peninsula.

According to him, it was “in accordance with the bilateral agreement between Russia and Ukraine 1997 and Russia had the right to military presence in Sevastopol not more than 25 thousand of military personnel under the agreement “.

Thus, those “missing 9 thousands of RF troops” were urgently shifted by air prior to the occupation of Crimea.

Responding to the question about the RF military presence in Donbass, Chizhov denied this information. And in response to the arguments of the German journalist about the arrested GRU officers Alexander Alexandrov and Evgenij Erofeev, confessed their RF sabotage and intelligence group affiliation, the representative of Russia in the EU stated that “at the time of their arrest they were no longer active troopers of the Russian Federation”.

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