Russian Deputy proposes Ukraine to file a lawsuit against the Budapest guarantors

Budapest memorandum

A Deputy of the State Duma of Russia Ilya Ponomarev believes that Ukraine needs to bring the Budapest guarantors into action to liberate Crimea from the Russian occupation.
“Ukraine has not taken the legal steps needed to force the Budapest memorandum participants into action. I would have filed to the International Court of Justice on the guarantor countries of the independence and sovereignty of Ukraine in the Ukrainian situation. They must fulfil the assumed obligations,” said Ponomarev.
In his opinion, the United States and Britain will have the legal authority to take any practical steps if non-performance of obligations is recognized judicially. And while the question of restoring the territorial integrity of Ukraine is in the diplomatic framework any development is possible.
In the 1994 Budapest memorandum, the United States, Russia and the United Kingdom guaranteed Ukraine’s independence, territorial integrity and existing borders in exchange for its rejection of nuclear weapons.

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