Russian court upholds the Mejlis clampdown in Crimea


Russia recognized legal the clampdown of Crimean Tatar people Mejlis in the annexed Crimea. The Supreme Court of the Russian Federation announced the relevant decision on September 29.

“The Judicial Board upholds the decision of the “Supreme Court” of the Republic of Crimea on April 26, 2016, and rejects the appeal of the public association “the Crimean Tatar people Mejlis”,” said the judge.

During the debate, the Prosecutor said justifying the clampdown that the main fault of the Mejlis was that its leaders did not recognize the annexation of the peninsula and were seeking to regain it to Ukraine. In addition, the Mejlis is charged with organization of the public blockade of the peninsula and calls not to participate in the elections organized by the occupation authorities.

“From the very beginning of the integration of Crimea into the Russian Federation the leadership of the Mejlis has taken active actions to destabilize the political situation on the Crimean peninsula, sparking ethnic nationalism and extremism in the Russian society and inspiring protest sentiment and mass disorders,” said the Prosecutor.

Also he said that the Mejlis committed other wrongful acts “aimed at violating the territorial integrity of the Russian Federation that jeopardized the safety of the society and the State”.

As a reminder, the “Supreme Court” of the Crimea recognized the Crimean Tatar people Mejlis “extremist organization” and clamped it down in Russia in late April 2016.

Also the RF Ministry of Justice included the Mejlis in the list of organizations whose activities have been suspended due to the extremist activity.

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