Russian blogger: Russia begins to retreat from Donbas, but doesn’t back off Crimea

annexation of crimea

Blogger El Mureed (Anatolij Nesmiyan) writes that the Kremlin is beginning gradually to lose ground in Donbas but continues to hold positions in Crimea. This is vividly demonstrated by the difference in reports on the United States Secretary of State John Kerry’s statements about sanctions against Russia made in the country and Ukraine.

“The Ukrainian media write about Kerry’s statements in Kiev as the sanctions against Russia would continue till the end of the conflict in Donbas and Crimea. At that Crimea is in the first place. The Russian media carefully take out the word “Crimea” and publish the same message, but only in the context of Donbas,” said the blogger.

In addition, he believes that “as usual someone is lying”. “In my opinion, it is ours. Because the position of the United States is well known and remains unchanged: the sanctions are imposed for the entire package of the Ukrainian policy of Russia, and the Americans do not separate Crimea from Donbas,” said Nesmiyan.

Also he said that he understood the interest of the Russian propaganda, its goal is “to create an appropriate background to retreat from Donbas”. “What about Crimea? Well, we’ll get it all sorted out later. If there are instructions we will write about the matter. Freedom of speech in Russia is an original notion,” summarized the blogger.

Previously, the United States Secretary of State John Kerry said that the United States would continue sanctions against Russia until the fulfillments of its obligations to de-escalate the situation in Donbas and Crimea.

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