Russian artist has sex with a monument to Lenin in Crimea

sex with lenin

Artist Maria Shimchuk makes love with monuments for her photo and video project “Erotic vandalism”. Now her exhibition is taken place in Moscow.

According to the artist, she has cherished the idea for many years, but it was implemented only during the blackouts in Crimea (mass power cuts last winter).

Originally monuments are situated in the central parts of the city, where there are a lot of people passing by and police patrolling the streets, thus she was able to “artwork” during nights only. The girl wasn’t even stopped making love with monuments by low temperature which was from two to five degrees Celsius above zero.

The objects of her “love” were several monuments, but the artist believes that the monument to Lenin is the most erotic character. “The red flag, his bald head and typical phallic forms — Lenin is incredibly erotic,” said the painter.

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