Russian activists looking for jail where Russia authorities hide Sentsov

Oleg Sentsov Oleg Sentsov

Members of the Association of independent observers of Russia Nikolai and Tatiana Schur have launched a campaign to find the prison camp, where Ukrainian moviemaker Crimean Oleg Sentsov convicted in Russia was transported.

Tatyana Schur posted this information in her Facebook.

She recalled that after Sencov’s convoy to prison on the night of March 7, there was no information about his whereabouts.

“We address a proposal to request the Regional Department for the Execution of Punishment about whether Oleg Sentsov is in any remand prison of the region. As a rule, each sub-sovereign has one or two detention centres, where prisoners are convoyed. And members of the public observation commissions known the institutions where the so-called “prisoner transports” are situated,” wrote Schur.

Previously Crimean Alexander Kolchenko’s whereabouts became known. He was convicted together with Sentsov and now is retained in custody in prison camp of Kopejsk, Chelyabinsk region.

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