Russia started selling off paintings from the Crimean galleries

Ivan Aivazovsky Gallery in Feodosia Ivan Aivazovsky Gallery in Feodosia

The painting “Shipwreck” by Ivan Aivazovsky from the Gallery of Feodosia (Crimea) was sold during “the Russian session” of the Christie’s auction house in London.

“One of the top auction items, the painting “Shipwreck” by Ivan Aivazovsky was sold for $ 228.2 thousand exceeding all expectations”, writes the “Kommersant” newspaper.

Trading took place on June 6 and was represented by more than 250 paintings and decorative arts. Total sales amounted to $ 6.4 million.

Note that more than 400 paintings by Aivazovsky are kept in the Art Gallery of Feodosia.

3 Comments on Russia started selling off paintings from the Crimean galleries

  1. Philip Larmett // June 10, 2016 at 16:37 // Reply

    Christies, London needs to answer how a very valuable painting by an iconic painter od Crimean seascapes can be taken from a local gallery and sold in London, and is not subject to sanctions. They are effectively selling goods stolen, like the whole peninsula, from Ukraine.
    The British government should be pushed to get involved.

  2. The owner of the painting was listed as a French collector.

  3. Philip Larmett // June 16, 2016 at 01:06 // Reply

    According to the article, the painting came from the gallery in Feodosia. Christies should be shamed. How did a French collector obtain it? Was it given to him by the French politicians who recently visited Crimea?

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