Russia spreads faked information on the recognition of “the Russian Crimea” by Venice

Venice Venice

Today, on May16, a number of Russian mass media disseminated false information that the “Parliament of Venice” is ready to recognize the annexation of Crimea by Russia legal and call to lift the anti-Russian EU sanctions on May 18.

A Russian journalist Andrei Malgyn has posted this information in his blog.

“Thanks to Napoleon Bonaparte the Republic of Venice and its Parliament ceased to exist in 1797. The so called “Parliament of Venice” is a separatist organization, advocating Venice separation from Italy,” writes Malgyn.

He explained that the Veneto region, as any other of the 20 regions of Italy, had no Parliament and parliamentarians, but the Regional Council of 50 Councillors only. “In fact three of them constantly visit Crimea (at the host’s expense, I suppose) and then give the enthusiastic interviews to the local media. But their personal opinion cannot affect the foreign policy of Italy and all the more the EU’s one,” added the Russian journalist.

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