Russia shifts missile complexes to Crimea instead of those sent to Syria


Today a battalion of Bastion coastal defense system is arriving to Crimea to replace the similar unit, sent to Syria in October.

It was reported by a source in the power structures of Crimea.

“Today a battalion of Bastions is arriving to the peninsula to replace the similar unit, left for Syria in October,” said the source.

He explained that the arriving Bastions were mobile complexes, which were constantly changing their dispositions and moving along the Western Crimea shore (Sevastopol — Yevpatoria) or in the North-East of the peninsula. “Using such complexes as Bastions bolsters defenses and enhances security of the peninsula,” stated the source.

The Crimean unit of Bastions left for Syria in October this year.

A regular battalion (battery) of Bastions consists of 10 vehicles, including 4 launchers. Onyx anti-ship cruise missiles are the main armament of Bastions.

For the first time Russia used Bastion coastal missile complexes equipped with Onyx missiles to hit ground targets in Syria on November 15.

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