Russia names two more “Crimean saboteurs”


Russian media have announced names of two inhabitants of Sevastopol, detained on suspicion of involvement in a “Ukrainian sabotage group”.

Alexey Stogniy from Sevastopol, arrested on 15 November, is one of them. Russia1 TV channel reports that Stogniy supposedly was heavily involved in the so-called “group of Shtyblikov” detained in Sevastopol a week earlier. “A toys and stationery shop in Sebastopol served as a “cover” for Stogniy. Being graduated from the Sevastopol Naval Institute of Nakhimov with a degree in “radioelectronic weapons”, he served in the Ukrainian Fleet,” said the Russian media.

The alleged task of the detainee was gathering information about objects and ships of the Black Sea Fleet of the RF and the personal data of officers of the Fleet.

Local entrepreneur Gleb Shabliy is the second detainee. “He was on an intelligence mission by order of the Defense Intelligence of Ukraine”, tells the TV piece about.

As a reminder, the FSB announced detention of a Ukrainian “subversive and terrorist group” in Sevastopol on November 10. Later the names of the detainees were publicized. They were former employees of the Nomos Analytical Center Dmitry Shtyblikov and Alyaksei Bessarabov, as well as retired military Vladimir Dudka.

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