Russia moves another fighter squadron to Crimea

Su-30 SM fighters Su-30 SM fighter

Now the Russian Black Sea Fleet (BSF) has a squadron of eight Su-30 SM fighters.

This was reported by the official representative of the fleet, Vyacheslav Trukhachev.

“The shift of the naval aviation of the Black Sea Fleet started in 2014. The process of rearmament to the newest multi-functional Su-30 SM fighters has almost been completed. Now a squadron of eight Su-30 SM fighters has been formed in the Navy, which is based at the airfield of Saki in Crimea. This year, the BSF will get a few more aircraft of this type,” said Trukhachev.

According to him, the fleet also mastered the complexities of unmanned aerial vehicles. Upgrading the BSF’s air arsenal continues, while pilots master new aircraft types.

As reported, Russia will deploy a battalion of airborne troops in Crimea on an ongoing basis in 2017-2018. They plan to reorganize it into a regiment after 2020.

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