Russia lets a dubious company develop the shelf of Crimea


Russian Kommersant edition writes that the previously unknown private company Novye Proekty (New Projects) has received a Russian license for oil and gas exploration and prospecting on the seized by Russia shelf of the annexed Crimea.

Reportedly, the main owner of the company is entrepreneur Anton Dornostup, who is close to the family of former head of Rosnedra Valery Pak, but several sources have linked the company to fugitive Ukrainian businessman Sergey Kurchenko.

At that the Novye Proekty had no assets and did not engage in any economic activity back in 2015 but was licensed under the effect of simplified procedures for Crimea.

At the end of last year, the Novye Proekty LLC informed Rosnedra that the company would intend to develop a plan of prospecting and exploration at the Glubokaya site in 2017. The information was furnished by Director Anton Dornostup. In June 2016 Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev ordered to issue the company a 30 years license for this site.

It is also known that the Novye Proekty has owned the Glubokaya site as a licensee since 2012, but then it was a Ukrainian legal entity.

Two sources of the edition in the RF Government say that the beneficiary of the Novye Proekty is fugitive Ukrainian businessman Sergey Kurchenko, residing in Moscow after the change of power in Ukraine.

Previously the Naftogaz of Ukraine Joint-Stock Company announced plans to recover through international judicial institutions control of the assets lost as a result of the Russian occupation of Crimea, and to seek recovery of losses.

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