Russia is having a hard time finding money for large construction sites in Crimea

Kerch bridge

The Russian Federation Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev has recognized that Russia faces difficulties finding money for the large Crimean projects: the Kerch Bridge and the Tavrida automobile road construction.

He said this at a meeting on the development of the transport system in the South of Russia, held in Kerch (Crimea).

According to Medvedev, this year the Kerch Bridge construction limit is 57.7 billion rubles (0.9 billion dollars) and the Tavrida highway is about 140 million rubles (2.1 million dollars).

“These are the biggest construction sites at this point and they should be carefully monitored. There will not be term failures as well as new unagreed money requests. The projects cost much and we hardly raise money, taking into account our difficult situation,” said Medvedev.

According to the Russian Prime Minister, he inspected the Kerch Bridge construction progress and noted that it was “the largest construction site in the country.”

As a reminder, on September 15 President Vladimir Putin and Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev arrived in Kerch, where they held a meeting on the development of the transport system in the southern part of Russia. Also the Russian leaders checked out the Kerch Bridge construction from Russia to Crimea.

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