Russia is going to build a radar in Crimea, which will cover the Turkish Bosporus

small missile ship

Russia is going to build two new “Sunflower” radars (RS) in the Black Sea and the Baltic Sea.

It is expected that modified “Sunflower” radar will take up duty in the Baltic Sea in 2017. The same year similar radar can be placed in Crimea and it will see any warship which passes the Bosporus.

“Sunflower” radars passed the State tests in 2006. Currently there are three “Sunflower” radar stations: in the sea of Okhotsk, in the Japanese sea and the Caspian sea. “Sunflowers” are capable to simultaneously discover, classify and accompany up to 300 ships and 100 air objects outside the radio-horizon, as well as to determine their coordinates and send targeting to the ships weaponry and anti-aircraft defense systems.

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