Russia is concerned about Croatia will transfer Ukraine its experience in regaining territories

Russia’s Foreign Ministry expressed concern regarding formation of a Working Group for cooperation with Ukraine within the Government of Croatia.

As noted by the Russian Foreign Ministry, the expected task of the Working Group is to provide Ukraine with the Croatian experience of peaceful reintegration of occupied territories. “A new parallel structure will, as a minimum, deflect Kiev’s attention away from that enough already stalling work on the comprehensive implementation of the commitments in the framework of the Minsk accords,” read the comments of the Russian Foreign Ministry.

The Ministry is also concerned about the arrangement of the two countries on enhancing of Croatia-Ukrainian military-technical cooperation.

“We are confident that advices of foreign “consultants”, giving Kiev a dangerous illusion of legitimacy of power scenarios in Donbass, by no means will contribute to the strengthening of security in the South-East of Ukraine. Much less including in the agenda of the Working Group the Crimean issue is absurd at all,” said the Russian Foreign Ministry.

It was earlier reported that Croatia would provide Ukraine with advices on reintegration of the occupied territories of Donbass and Crimea.

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