Russia intends to float 3 newest warships in Sevastopol

Russian frigate

The Commander of the Black Sea Fleet of Russia Alexander Vitko said that Russian Black Sea Fleet in Crimea would be reinforced with three new frigates before the end of this year.

“It is planned that the second “Admiral Essen” project warship after all necessary tests and participating in the parade, dedicated to the Navy Day, will make passage from the Baltic Fleet to the Black Sea in the fall. Before the end of this year we wait for “Admiral Makarov” the third ship from the “admirals” series in Sevastopol. Anyway, the dynamics of the tests and their results allow taking up the position,” Vitko’s words are quoted by the Russian media.

Also Vitko recalled that the Russian Black Sea Fleet had been already reinforced with the head of project 11356, frigate “Admiral Grigorovich”.

According to the plans of the Russian Defense Ministry, six frigates of the new series were planned to reinforce the Russian Black Sea Fleet in Crimea till 2020. But construction of three additional warships was frozen due to the Ukraine’s refusal to supply engines to Russia as the aggressor country.


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