Russia has repeatedly refused to extradite Crimeans Sentsov and Kolchenko to Ukraine

Alexander Kolchenko and Oleg Sentsov Alexander Kolchenko and Oleg Sentsov

Once again, Russia has refused to extradite to Ukraine the illegally held political prisoners from Crimea, Oleg Sentsov and Olexander Kolchenko, because Russia considers them Russian citizens.

This was announced by Deputy Minister of Justice of Ukraine Sergiy Petukhov. “Russia has unreasonably refused to extradite Sentsov and Kolchenko. They consider them Russian citizens. This “citizenship” was forcibly imposed upon all the Crimeans simultaneously with the annexation of Crimea. These Russia’s actions are repugnant in the context of international law,” he wrote in Facebook.

The document of the Foreign Ministry of Russia, referenced by Petukhov, states that Sentsov and Kolchenko have Russian citizenship, and there is no any international treaty regulating dual citizenship between Russia and Ukraine.

Petukhov also added that Ukraine would seek to get the political prisoners back through international organizations, as well as through lawsuits filed in the European Court of Human Rights.

As a reminder, on August 25, 2015 the North Caucasus District Military Court in Rostov-on-Don (Russia) sentenced Ukrainian filmmaker Oleg Sentsov to 20 years, and Crimean activist Olexander Kolchenko to 10 years of imprisonment in a penal colony on trumped-up charges in preparing terrorist acts in Crimea.


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