Russia has figured out how to deliver turbines from Germany to Crimea dodging the sanctions


The Russian State Foreign Trade Company Technopromexport, that ordered four gas turbines from the German Concern Siemens, is artificially driven to bankruptcy to buy the turbines through a “reseller company” in contravention the sanctions to build a thermal power plant (TPP) in Crimea.

This is reported by a Ukrainian portal

As stated in the article, in this way the Russian company tries to “cover” its European partner, intending to sell Russia struck by the sanctions the industrial equipment. The author notes that the scheme, invented by Moscow, is very simple: formally the equipment, purchased from Siemens, is intended not to Crimea but to a power plant in Taman. However, the construction of the plant will never begin. “The scheme doesn’t hang together, because nobody intends to build anything. The competition to construct a thermal power plant in Taman started in the summer of 2016 only, and ended due to the “lack of applications”. The first two turbines are already made. Moreover, as follows from the characteristics the Taman TPP is not in need of the four turbines,” notes the article.

The Russian Government appointed the State enterprise Technopromexport responsible for construction power plants in Crimea, but the contractor was quietly changed in the summer of 2015. Now a company with the similar name Technopromexport LLC is the contractor. At the same time the State enterprise Technopromexport is driven to bankruptcy.

The author of the article believes that the Russian partner plays into the hands of Siemens. The Concern does not want to lose the promising Russian market, but it does not want to face the after-effect of violations of the sanctions either. “In the end, Siemens announces its conviction that the turbines are going to Taman, as it is written into the contract, and it knows nothing about the plans to send the turbines to Crimea. While the head of the Russian branch of Siemens speaks Russian well it is naïve to think that he is not aware of what is happening in Russia,” says the article.

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