Russia builds fortifications on the border of Crimea

the border of Crimea and Ukraine

The Federal Security Service (FSB) of Russia builds fortifications on the border of the annexed Crimea.

Russians are going to transform the administrative border between the Kherson oblast of Ukraine and the temporarily occupied territory of Crimea in a kind of fortified area by the mid-November 2016. On a strip of 600-700 meters wide between the Sivash Gulf and the Sea of Azov Russians intends to construct a 17-metre metal watchtower, as well as six concrete permanent fire positions with embrasures for machineguns.

Last year, the FSB finished constructing the first stage of the “Protective fence” between the peninsula and the Mainland. The fence is 2.3 kilometers of barbed wire on 2-meter metal racks.

In addition, portable antipersonnel barriers of invisible wire are deployed along the entire length of the fence at one meter distance. This obstacle is intended not for personnel only, but also for light armored vehicles, which wheels will be winded around with wire.

This year, Russians continue to increase the number of watchtower on the isthmus. The FSB Border Office intends to construct other five 17-metre towers here by the mid-October. Besides, four defensive armoured hexagonal modules were ordered in the summer. These are the so-called armoured turrets.

The second stage of the Russian “Wall” is planned to construct in the nearest future. It is assumed that a new barricade, crammed with alarm, will be built at a distance of more than 15 kilometers. It will provide vibration when trying to dig under the fence as well as to climb over it. For the time being this project is in the documentation developmental stage.


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