Russia allocates 5 million to “strengthen the Russian identity” in Crimea

A project aimed at strengthening of the Russian identity in Crimea was one of the recipients of this year’s Presidential Grants.

So, a kind of institute named The Fair World received 5.6 million rubles (88.6 thousand dollars) for the “Symbols of Russia as the basis of forming the civil identity of the inhabitants of Crimea” project.

“The project aims to find the paths of sharing the generation experience of civic-mindedness in conditions of transformation of the basic State institutions of the Republic of Crimea,” reads the description of the project. At this, the “pathfinders of sharing the generation experience” do not explain how they are going to do this.

The third stage of distribution of the Presidential Grants for non-profit organizations ended at the end of October in Russia. This year the President of the Russian Federation allocated total 4.5 billion rubles (71.2 million dollars) to support the Grants.

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