Russia again warns Ukraine due to the exercises near Crimea


Head of the Defense Committee of the Federation Council of RF Viktor Ozerov states that Russia does not consider dangerous the upcoming Ukrainian missile exercises near Crimea, but it will place its air defense in high operational readiness.

“All our intelligence and air defense systems will be placed in high operational readiness to prevent any occasional rockets from hitting our territory,” he said.

According to Ozerov, it does not mean that Russia considers the exercises dangerous for it, but has “enough militarily power to stand up for itself.”

It was previously reported that Ukraine would conduct live firings using Buk-M1 anti-aircraft missile systems on the Iagorlic shooting-range in the Kherson oblast near Crimea.

As a reminder, the armed forces of Ukraine conducted the other air firing exercises in the Black Sea near Crimea on December 1-2, 2016. Then Russia threatened Kiev with a rocket hit on the eve of the exercises.

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