Russia admits that Crimea may stay without tourists in summer

russian tourists

This summer, Russians may prefer Turkey or Egypt to Crimea, where many hoteliers have increased prices to a “critical level”. This was reported by the Association of tour operators of Russia (ATOR).

The ATOR’s experts noted, that some Crimean hotels “had expected more” even in 2016. “As practice showed their hopes had been misplaced, so they began to reduce prices in July, when most visitors had already made their decision about summer vacation and had purchased tours to other places. The situation may repeat in 2017 but with more risks,” say the experts.

Primarily, Crimean resorts competed with other Russian ones in 2016, but Turkey and possibly Egypt could become alternative to Crimea in 2017, said a statement of the Association.

Moreover, now there is a trend on reduction in the number of winter vacationers. It is noted that tourists save money for a high-grade summer vacation with the whole family and may prefer foreign resorts where they used to rest before the weakening of the ruble.

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