Residents of Crimea increasingly receive Ukrainian children birth certificates

Ukrainian documents

The number of cases when Crimeans receive Ukrainian birth certificates has increased comparing to the last year. This information was announced by the Head Deputy of the State Registration of the Department of Justice in Kherson region Elena Klimenko.

She noticed that such a tendency was seen after the changes to the Civil Procedure Code of Ukraine on February 24, 2016 according to which the registration of birth and death facts on the temporary occupied territory of Crimea was simplified.

“Crimeans start registering birth fact more often now. The procedure is quite simple. Any registration office will refuse them in registration due to they have no Ukrainian documents but any local court is obliged to hear such cases immediately and then with the court decision people came back to the office and get birth certificates needed,” said Klimenko.

According to her, residents of Crimea have already got 104 birth certificates in Kherson region of Ukraine during the last month.

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