Publicman: people will be rehoused due to the lack of water in Crimea

Head of the Chisty Bereg.Krym (Clear Coast.Crimea) Organization Vladimir Garnachuk believes that the scarcity of freshwater in Crimea may shortly become the main problem in the region.

According to him, Moscow ordered to supply the North of Crimea with water from the Tajganskoye water-storage reservoir after the water supply from Ukraine via the North-Crimean Canal had been cut in 2014. Military units were used to lay pipelines. In this way the greater part of the inhabitants of Northern Crimea was furnished with drinking water. But it is not enough for the agriculture and industry needs.

Since 2015 farmers of the Nizhnegorsky area of Crimea have given signals about saline spots on the land due to the lack of water. And the number of saline soils has increased.

Industrial enterprises located in the North of Crimea make the situation worse by drilling wells to solve the problem of water shortages. “Nowadays these wells are 400 meters deep and this leads to the maximum water pumping from the soil and fresh water will end soon in this area. It’s impossible to solve the problem of industrial enterprises without the North-Crimean Canal. If the worst comes to the worst they will be closed in the near future putting cities at a disaster, because people will become jobless. Today we face the problem of rehousing people from the North of Crimea,” said Garnachuk.

At the same time the “authorities” of Crimea are in no haste to recognize the situation with the water shortage a problem.

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