Psychologist: Putin attacked Ukraine because was scared to enuresis

Putin Putin

Russian psychologist and philosopher Lyudmila Petranovskaya believes that Ukrainians really face a cynical aggression of a totalitarian regime. All this happened not because Putin needed a colony and not even because of the spheres of influence.

“The situation is as simple as that: your Yanukovych tried to build the same regime as in Russia, but he is as dumb as stump so did not realize that such a system could only exist due to the gratuitous oil. One can steal without doing anything to the economy, without any reforms, if there is a licence to print money. That was in Russia but not in Ukraine. Otherwise, the impoverished population will turn ugly and will kick in the arse very soon. That is exactly what happened to Yanukovych,” said Petranovskaya.

At the same time, she stressed that two years later Russians having so many social ties in Ukraine must realize: Ukrainians sent about his thief’s business, started developing economy and their life is in promising transition.

“Of course, in this situation, the Putin’s regime has the only way: to make you (Ukrainians-ed.) all be sorry for what you have done instead of being tolerant towards the Yanukovych’s regime. The plan was very clear: to chop off half-Ukraine to bear in Russians’ mind how an anti-corruption revolution ends! Putin fears any “colour revolution” to enuresis,” noted the psychologist.

According to Petranovskaya, the goal of Russia is to go on, not being involved, to the extent possible, in a direct clash, poisoning the lives of Ukrainians.

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