Professor: Crimea shows that Russia will never be an empire


Professor of the Moscow State Institute of International Relations and author of several monographs on the history of Russian nationalism Valery Solovey believes that the Empire era is a thing of the past for Russia.

He told this in his interview to the Russian service of the ВВС.

“The Empire has gone. Imperial ambitions can live, but the question is in resources for their implementation. Russia has taken a step: annexed Crimea and stopped. We are capable for nothing else. And this is not only a question of economic and material resources but primarily of anthropological and moral-psychological ones. People want to sacrifice nothing for the Empire in Russia. They want lead normal lives. Maybe not as well as in the United States and Germany, but at least as in Poland and the Czech Republic,” said the professor.

In his view, Russia renounced the Imperial model with the USSR’s collapse; otherwise it would have been saved.

“Crimea as an attempt of restoration of the Empire and the halfness of this attempt shows that the Empire is a thing of the past for us. One cannot move forward with his head turned back. It is necessary to build a new state with a modern economy and a modern way of life,” said the Solovey.

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