Politologist: Putin’s rating is based on the war propaganda


According to Russian political scientist and President of the Political Analytics Center Mikhail Tulsky, Russian President Vladimir Putin’s rating grows not due to the annexation of Crimea but the aggressive television propaganda.

“One has to understand the most crucial thing: Putin’s rating was growing not because of Crimea, but due to the radical escalation in television propaganda,” said Tulsky in an interview.

According to him, since 2014 before Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, “Putin’s television has brainwashed 100 times stronger, tougher and totally than before.” “People are every day said: you’re either for Putin, or you are an enemy of the people. This atmosphere began to form in February 2014 and this is why Putin’s rating was growing. Although it is very difficult to understand whether people actually are more loyal to the power, or just are much more afraid to confess disloyalty,” he said.

According to him, there would not be such an effect, if television showed the objective reality.

“Putin needs this radically increased television propaganda (as well as propaganda on the Internet and newspapers) not to “burnish his credentials” quite satisfactory before. The purpose of the huge escalation in Putin’s propaganda since February 2014 has been to agitate the entire population, and the military, against Ukraine, for the war with Ukraine, because at first, even the military, ready to threaten and to kill, were not willing to shoot in Ukrainians,” believes Tulsky.

He gave an example when there was not the total television propaganda in Russia in 1994-95 74% of Russians were in favour to end the war in Chechnya with negotiations, and only 12% were for the final military victory. Then President Boris Yeltsin’s rating fell at times. “Again, it was not so much because of the war in principle, but due to the fact that TV told the truth about the war… If the war was covered on TV as today then Yeltsin’s rating would grow,” said the expert.


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