Politician: Putin will ready to negotiate about Crimea after the elections in the United States

annexation of crimea

Russian opposition politician Konstantin Borovoy believes that Russian President Vladimir Putin will be ready to negotiate on the status of Crimea in November, after the Presidential elections in the United States.

“There are indirect indicators that Putin is ready to negotiate on Crimea. This is due to the fact that the situation is very different in Russia. Earlier Crimea and the war in the East of Ukraine were consolidating factors, but now they have apparently become the factors of disintegration between the society and the power. The connections “Crimea means shortage of goods” and “Crimea means loss of jobs” have been traced. That means people continue to talk about they want Crimea to be part of Russia, but, in practice, they have already focused on the possibility of restoring the status quo both in Crimea and on the East of Ukraine,” wrote Borovoy.

In his view, the negotiations about Crimea will begin after the Presidential election in the United States. “Putin is currently playing for the Donald Trump’s team, and is apparently bound by some commitment. But I think that the negotiation process will immediately begin after November 8 (the date of the Presidential election in the United States),” concluded the oppositionist.

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