Politician: Putin annexed Crimea to mitigate Maidan

annexation of crimea

Russian President Vladimir Putin hurriedly occupied Ukrainian Crimea because he needed to kill the impact of Maidan in Ukraine in 2014, and thus to turn his defeat into victory in the Russian public’s eyes.

This was stated by Russian politician and former Deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation Ilya Ponomarev.

“As far as I understand, a large group of Putin’s advisers offered an Abkhazia-Ossetian scenario: first, a referendum on independence, and then a referendum on unification with Russia. From the Kremlin’s point of view that would be the correct scenario to moderate the policy of the international community. But Putin decided to act directly. Why? Because his mission was to mitigate the impact of Maidan and Yanukovych’s escape (ex-President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych — ed.) in mass media,” said Ponomarev.

According to Ponomarev, Putin had to show his victory, but not the defeat. “Putin is well aware of the Russian people, so he could turn his defeat into victory,” said the former Deputy of the State Duma.


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